A Quick Intro To Customer Journey Mapping For Your Business

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The Customer Journey For Your Sales

Today, your customers have more choices than ever before on how they consume content and make buying decisions. The path to a conversion is not straight. This means that your business needs to provide clear marketing ways to attract your customers, earn their trust, and make the sale.

The path a customer takes before they make a purchase decision is called the Customer Journey, and it is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Let’s take a look at some ways you can understand the Customer Journey and optimize your marketing strategy to increase conversions today!

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping helps you understand a client’s experiences throughout the full cycle of interactions via multiple touch points together with your brand, usually represented on a graphical map.

Not only does this comprise each touchpoint, layered with the stages of the consumer journey, but also, it takes into account the positive and adverse mental impact this trip has upon your customer. You should represent these dimensions in each step and indicate the type of content you will use to market to your clients, including:

  • Social media
  • Landing Pages
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • Blog Posts
  • Email Messages
  • PPC Ads

What exactly Does Your Customer Journey Look Like?

If you want to learn the best ways to market to your clients then you should think how your audience consumes your content. Different types of content are best used at specific stages of the Customer Journey, and the only way to identify these points is by walking through the various paths your customers progress down toward a sale.

Get into your client’s shoes and take a walk via your business ‘s customer journey. You can do this by doing some simple tasks and note your experiences:

  • Perform searches on Google. Note what websites appear at the top of the results. Do you appear or are your competitors the only companies present?
  • Browse your website. Is it easy to find information? Can you purchase quickly and does your website speak to your target audience?
  • Signup for your email newsletter. Is the process long and tedious? Do you have an autoresponder that feeds into an email drip campaign?
  • Complete a lead form, or create a purchase. How was the entire process? Do you feel good after buying and will you tell your friends about your experience?
  • See your support site, or contact the business to ask a question about your product/service. Did you experience excellent customer service?
  • See your Facebook business page. Do you have a professional and approachable social media presence?

How was this experience? Was it excellent, or did you find room for advancement? Many individuals are surprised at the things they locate and see the worth for optimizing the journey for his or her customers.

Your marketing strategy depends upon understanding your prospective clients. Keep your Customer Journey in mind when choosing the types of channels, content, and messaging you want across your entire business operations.

Building The Best Journey For Your Customers

The only way to stand out in today’s market is by providing an excellent experience for its clients. If you do not offer a seamless experience to buy your products, then you will see a considerable decline in sales.

Build your Customer Journey from your User Personas. This requires that you know your clients and understand their preferences. Be sure to constantly refer to your Customer Journey Map and optimize based on the changing customer preferences and business goals.

If you want to learn more about how your business can use Customer Journey to build your online presence then check out our upcoming SEO Site Clinic Meetup. Our team of trained experts will show you how to bring all the elements together to help you drive more qualified traffic and boost conversions today!

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