What Does Optimization Mean?

Your business needs to follow a specific SEO methodology to improve your ranking and increase your online traffic. While the precise process is often debated, our team has found a proven process to approach SEO methodology for many industry leaders.

Ranking in Google doesn’t rely on magic as many people will tell you. SEO methodology is a standardized, topically organized, and fully optimized the use of content on your website. Your business will succeed when your website is built with a logical and well-planned out plan from the beginning.

Intelligent website development does not rely on tricks and spam tactics. Google is continually improving its algorithms, and you run a significant risk if your site uses tactics that are meant to be dishonest for your audience. A sustainable business strategy needs to focus on the proven SEO methodology that will deliver content based on what your audience is seeking. The process we will show you to sustainable SEO method, including how to:

  1. Perform keyword research to understand what your audience is looking for.
  2. Structure your website architecture to improve usability and searchability.
  3. Types of design elements drive increase conversions on all devices.
  4. Implement keywords to help your audience.
  5. Clean up your code and optimize technical aspects of your website.
  6. To perform best practices for image optimization across your site.
SEO Methodology

Keyword Research

One of the first and most important steps to your SEO business methodology is to perform keyword research. This step is vital to the success of your online marketing strategy because keywords help you produce content that is relevant to your audience and optimized for Google.

Finding the right keywords can take time and resources, but this step is the base for all your content production that will follow. Discovering the best keywords means you know your audience, understand their needs, and have identified what they search for on Google.

During the discovery phase of SEO methodology keyword research you should consider some specific aspects of your local marketing, including:

  • The problems and desired solutions of your customers.
  • Competition search traffic.
  • Other resources exist that offer similar content.
  • Search volume and competition across your keyword terms.

Keyword Implementation Within Content

To develop a successful online marketing strategy, your business needs to take an advanced approach toward your SEO methodology. To maximize benefits of your keyword research, you need to integrate keywords into your content that reads natural and a relevant way.

One of the least understood aspects of keyword implementation is how to coordinate your content with the intent of your users. Proper SEO methodology starts with the needs of your customers and directs you to create content that engages your audience and attracts search engines like Google. While different keywords attract your target audience based on their interests, the way you implement keywords into your website also affects your rankings on search engines.

Website Architecture

The second phase of your business SEO methodology will focus on the organization of content on your site. Website architecture refers to the way you structure a website to ensure you meet your business goals and provide a great experience for your users.

Search engine optimization relies on the quality and navigation of your online content. Your business needs understand how a logical content structure impacts your online ranking. As you move through the SEO methodology, you always need to consider how your audience and search engines will interpret your content. Some important elements to consider as you optimize your website architecture includes:

  • Usability
  • Responsive design
  • User interface design
  • Information structure
  • The Web and graphic design
  • Content strategy

As you build to optimize the methodology of your SEO strategy, you will refine and develop new ways to display information. Consistency and a focused approach will help you develop a website that is valuable for your audience, easy for Google to understand, and boost your online sales!

Design With Intent

Search engines are limited to how they crawl and interpret the web, and the way a webpage looks to you is different than how it looks to Google. A sustainable SEO design methodology relies you to focus on design tactics that drive your customers to take action and attracts the attention of search engines.

From the layout of each page, button colors, and call to actions you use across your website will affect the behavior of your audience. Since you want to direct your customers to take specific actions on specific pages, you should take a detailed look at every element of your website. Website design adopts a multi-faceted methodology approach to search engine optimization because it considers your business goals, actions of your audience, and Google algorithms.

Your website design should also find the device that your audience will consume your content on. We are in a mobile-first world, where some mobile searches increase every year. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then you will rank lower in Google, and the overall experience will be much worse for your audience.

Clean Coding For Optimization

There are many techniques that can be used to achieve higher search engine rankings, and one of them includes optimizing coding across your website. SEO coding methodology is the technical aspect of ranking higher in Google, and as the Google algorithm improves it is beginning to weigh the quality of code in a website.

Google spiders to crawl your website to understand content and index your website. Clean website coding not only helps Google understand your content as it crawls your site, but having optimized code is also one of the factors used to determine site speed and quality of your website experience. A few of the most important parts to optimize your on-page code includes:

  • Proper use of H1, H2, and H3 tags on each page.
  • Use of keywords in titles tags.
  • Optimizing metadata and meta descriptions.
  • Improved CSS files.
  • ALT text and titles for all images.
  • User-friendly URL structure.
  • Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) structure display.

If you are not sure about the latest SEO marketing techniques for your local small business, then this is your chance to learn from several leaders in the Orlando business community!