How To Rule Mobile SEO- Presented By Maryna Hradovich From SEMrush

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SEMrush Presentation

Recently, SEMrush hosted one of our Orlando SEO Site Clinic Meetups. During the presentation Maryna Hradovich shared some of the best ways business owners and marketers can optimize their site for mobile SEO. Below is the presentation and an overview of the notes.

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Why Does Mobile SEO Matter?

Google has shifted their focus and lots of resources to improve the mobile experience for their audience. This shift comes as more people engage with content on mobile devices and as they battle for the go-to source of information, it is no surprise that mobile SEO is becoming more critical.

This increased focus on Google means that your business needs to put more time and resources into mobile-first website design and SEO strategies if you want to drive more qualified traffic and boost sales.

Finding the best ways to optimize your content around the way your customers engage with your website means looking at every aspect of your site for peak performance. Optimizing for mobile SEO includes current marketing practices, optimizing blog posts, and formatting your content around the devices that your customers consume content on.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that your company can implement mobile-friendly SEO tactics and how SEMrush can help you improve your online rankings.

4 Parts Of A Mobile-First SEO Strategy

Mobile-First Indexing

In the past, Google used a single index to understand all content for their algorithms. Whether that content was best consumed on mobile or desktop, Google considered all content in one index. This is changing, as Google announced the introduction of a mobile-first index. When someone searches for something in the Google search engine, they may find different content depending on several factors, including the device that they are seeking on.

Here are some of the main issues to consider for the mobile-first index:

  • Broken crawl path
  • Essential content could be missing from your pages
  • Missing structured markup on mobile pages
  • Missing or mis-implemented SEO tags

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Working with a developer to apply AMP to your website will help signal to Google that your content is optimized for mobile. While there is a debate on how much of an effect this will have in the short term, it is well known that AMP has a significant impact on the overall performance of your site. Plus, AMP-ready website will be prepared for any changes that Google makes to their algorithm in the future.

Here are some tips to know when AMP is the right solution for your business:

  • You are a publisher
  • Your website speed is slow
  • You have available resources to develop the solutions
  • Your competitors are using AMP

Structured Data

Structured data is a way that your business can help Google understand your content. The more efficient that Google can understand your information means the better results you will have in SERPs. This means higher rankings, more qualified traffic, and a boost in sales. The top forms of the schema to consider for your site are:

  • AMP Schema
  • Organization Schema
  • Website Schema
  • Local Business Schema

As you begin working on structured data for your site, you should leverage existing tools from Google. Some of the tools Google provides are:

  • Google Structured Data Markup Helper
  • Google Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Google Search Console
  • Voice Search

Since your audience is always on the go, voice search is having an increasing impact on your company’s online presence. In fact, many firms are estimating that 30-50% more searches will happen with voice search in the next three years.

The best way to optimize for voice search is to think about specific questions that your customers look for and improve your content for user intent.

  • What/Who
  • How
  • When
  • Where

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